As you probably (hopefully) remember, a month ago when I was on my Salvador Dalí kick (actually, I still AM, somewhat), I posted a blog featuring 10 intriguing Dalí paintings (click here to check them out) and asked YOU to select your favorite.

Well, the results are in and here is the winner:

Christ of Saint John of the Cross [1951]

Only 7 people voted (that IS a lucky number, though… isn’t it?).  And two of those voted for “all of them” (I abstained).  So by counting each “all of them” as 10 votes (1 for each painting), I arrived at the following tally:

5 votes for Christ of Saint John of the Cross [1951]
4 votes for the following portrait by Dalí of his wife Gala

And 2 votes each for the other 8 paintings.

Though I was somewhat disappointed not to receive more feedback, the comments Dalí and I DID receive were thoughtful, a delight to read and very much appreciated.

In case you’re interested, here is a little more information about our winning picture, Christ of Saint John of the Cross.  I was a bit surprised that – with all the interesting, intriguing and/or NUDE candidates to choose from – the people’s choice was a crucified Jesus viewed from above.  Hell, his head was even bowed to hide his package.  (I wonder if I’m the only freak who noticed… lol)

Interesting, too, that my name is John and my nom de plume is Jesus….  Could that have been your conscious or subconscious reason for choosing the crucified “Christ” over tits, Gala’s ass and even an all-too-realistic nekkid portrait of Salvador himself?

But enough about why you picked this “pic.”  More interesting is the painting itself. Why did Dalí apparently paint Christ of Saint John of the Cross from God’s perspective?  Did he think he was God?  Or was he trying, merely, to view the crucifixion through God’s eyes?  Actually, he seems to have been offering us his interpretation (as the painting’s title suggests) of a perspective attributed to St. John of the Cross, the Spanish Catholic mystic.

Did you know St. John of the Cross was also a convict?  That he was tortured and put to death by the same Church that would later call him a saint and a “Doctor of the Church”?  Pricks….

No wonder Dalí appears to have looked down on the whole business, including (as I imagine) St. John’s devotion to the corporate “Church.” 

But enough of that….  I’m getting tired and I’ve been distracted by kids and The Sound of Music the whole time I’ve been writing this.  If you’ve stayed with me this far, I think you deserve a treat – a REWARD.  What d’ya think?

So here it is… another Salvador Dalí painting of the crucifixion.  But in this one you can SEE JESUS’ PACKAGE

Only my blog gives you Jesus’s package.  So enjoy!

Okay, so maybe there’s not that much there.  But I’m sure it stands for something profound like the emasculation of the crucified Jesus.  (Did I say “stands”?!?)  Or maybe this is Dalí’s way of “looking down” on the so-called Christ in a different fashion.  Hmm….

That reminds me of something Tori Amos said a few years ago in a Rolling Stone interview.  “Jesus had great things to say, but Christianity is dickless.”  I wonder if St. John of the Cross (or Salvador Dalí) would agree.

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