Let’s face it.  As much as we “love our country,” we have to admit that Osama bin Laden got over on Bush and made him look like a punk.  I hate Osama and everything he represents.  But I can’t help but think that we would have already caught the bastard and brought him to justice if we hadn’t had such an inept and deluded president as George W. Bush.

The best solution to Al Qaeda’s attack on America is to occupy Iraq and allow a breeding ground for “Islamic” terrorists to blossom there while we divert resources from the hunt for Osama and make the executives at Halliburton even richer?

I don’t get it.

So since I’m in one of those moods tonight and Osama’s free and George is in denial, I’ve created a new profile.  I plan to make it into a (hopefully) humorous anti-Bush (and when’s he’s no longer President, an anti-tyrant) profile.  Please have a sense of humor and check it out.  Then add George Loves Dick (Cheney) to your MySpace friends and feel free to add any comments you like.

Imagine if George was hip and bright:

Well, he’s NOT!  So please click George Loves Dick 

And add my new profile to your friends… unless of course you think Bush is a fantastic president, in which case you’re welcome to your opinion. 

But I have to say, it seems crystal clear to me that Bush’s lies (about weapons of mass destruction etc.) have cost us far more billions of dollars and many more young American (and not just American) lives than Bill Clinton’s lies and cigar combined.

So please visit George Loves Dick – even if it’s just to humor your dear old liberal pal Jesus Crisis.  And feel free to send me your comments, suggestions, Bush jokes, news articles et al.  I’ll try to include as many that show Bush’s ineptitude or stupidity as possible.

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