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I Love Lube
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Crude oil is my favorite type. 

I especially like those who have a lot of it.  As long as they lube me generously!

But if you’re a stingy bastard and prefer not to give it to me like I like it, I…

Wouldn’t you rather be sucked than kilt?

So please be nice and…

Wait!  That didn’t come out right.  After all…

That’s whay I chose him as my running mate.  I found it unbearable to think of eight years in the White House without Dick.

Speaking of Dick, did you hear what that former First Lady whose name I refuse to mention asked me the other day?

The nerve of some people.  Was she trying to incinerate that my vice president is small of stature?  That’s why I don’t like the cunt.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, I need lubrication… Crude Oil

Because, as much as I love Dick, without oil he’s just another Vice President.


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