Fantasy, Comedy, & Women: The Crisis Interviews – Volume Three: StormChaser
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The Crisis Interviews

Volume Three: StormChaser


Look at this dude!  The picture makes him look like he would be more than happy to kick your butt for even thinking about disagreeing with anything he has to say.  But don’t be fooled!  StormChaser is actually a very nice guy – tolerant and thoughtful, in addition to being intelligent and quite talented. 

Check out these ROCKIN’ creations of his:

And those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

When I invited StormChaser to be interviewed for this blog, he said:

“I don’t have a favorite scripture – but I find the Bible is an interesting epic novel with a lot of history and a bit of fantasy, and not necessarily a GREAT novel.  One of my favorite quotes about the Bible is from Garrison Keillor.  ‘God writes a lot of comedy… the trouble is, he’s stuck with so many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny.'”

Jesus Crisis interviews StormChaser

Jesus Crisis:  Hi, StormChaser!  It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to The Crisis Interviews.  I’m intrigued by your description of the Bible as “an interesting epic novel with a lot of history and a bit of fantasy and not necessarily a GREAT novel.” Would you elaborate?

Stormchaser:  There are 4 points here:

1. Yes, a novel – fictional.
2. Based on historic people and events.
3. Fantasy – “miracles” abound and there are multiple (different) accounts of the same events.
4. Too many characters, too many stories, wandering plot line.

Jesus Crisis:  If I were to ask you to name a Bible “fantasy,” what’s the first that comes to mind?
Stormchaser:  Parting of the Red Sea is the first thing, but closely followed by the many things that can be done with the “laying on of the hands,” including raising of the dead, healing the sick, making the blind see, and killing fig trees.

Jesus Crisis:  The whole “laying on of hands” thing reminds me of Reiki. Are these, in your opinion, completely made up stories – or are they perhaps based on real happenings that people either embellished or didn’t understand?
Stormchaser:  OK, let’s call them exaggerations. A person has a “spiritual” encounter and wakes from a coma or is freed from his psychosomatic impairment.
Jesus Crisis:  I chuckled at your Garrison Keillor quotation (“God writes a lot of comedy… the trouble is, he’s stuck with so many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny”). Who would you nominate as the “Funniest Bad Actor” in the Bible?
Stormchaser:  Well we really can’t blame the actors, they’re just reading their lines. It’s the writers and their “Stories.”  And the Actor, or role, that has the worst writing is Jesus.

Jesus Crisis:  Why?
Stormchaser:  There’s the healing and the feeding of the masses (but no teaching to fish) and then there’s the “I am the light of the world” proclamation, and the whole incident with the fig tree (how dare it not bear fruit while not in season, I’ll show you!).

Jesus Crisis:  If we believe God has human attributes (like anger, jealousy, and even love), does it follow that he must have a sense of humor, too?

StormChaser:  I’m all about a sense of humor.  If we are going to give God human qualities, then humor is definitely one of them – Platypus,  George Bush, et al.

Jesus Crisis:  Haha!  George Bush made in God’s image?

StormChaser:  But God created us in his image so that makes us godlike.

Jesus Crisis:  In what way?  It’s hard for me to imagine Bush as godlike.

StormChaser:  We have control of our destiny and can make an impact on others.

Jesus Crisis:  Ah….

StormChaser:  “She” definitely has a sense of humor

Jesus Crisis: It’s interesting you say “she.”   Some of the words used for God in the Hebrew are genderless, and it seems that God’s Shekinah aspect is without a doubt female.

StormChaser:  I’d rather think that God is the intelligent nurturing type (and looks like Alanis Morrisette).

Jesus Crisis:  I used to love Alanis, until I burned myself out on her.  Some might be tempted to say the same of God… lol.  So why do you think Paul, in 1st Corinthians 14:34-35, advises women to essentially keep their keep their mouths shut in church?

StormChaser:  It was necessary to write the Bible with the masses in mind – no sense trying to spring new ideas – like empowerment of women – when trying to launch a new religion.  It happened anyhow – with the popularity of the virgin Mary – if the “human” god, Jesus, is so great, then his human mom is even better.

Jesus Crisis:  Do you think Jesus felt that way?

StormChaser:  I am not a Christian – so to answer that I would either have to believe Jesus “actually” existed or take the approach from what the writers wanted to get across.

Jesus Crisis:  I find it curious that many in the Church revere Mary, an ideal sort of “empowered woman,” while not seeming to revere or empower women on earth.  For example, where are the Catholic women priests?  And if I’m not mistaken, Reform Jews did not even ordain women as rabbis until the 1970s.

StormChaser:  It is strange that Mary is seen as empowered when – as the story goes – she really had no say in the matter.

Jesus Crisis:  A very interesting point….

StormChaser:  I am very intrigued by the Jewish faith – the approach is much better because it was based on tradition and teaching rather than rallying around one character and preaching.  The tradition was strong and women rabbis is actually a chink in their armor.

Jesus Crisis:  Some “sects” (like the Chasidic movement) still resist having women rabbis.

StormChaser:  I am very much into empowerment – but going against the tradition that is the foundation of the religion weakens it.

Jesus Crisis:  If you look closely, there are women “prophets” in the Old Testament (Deborah in Judges 4 comes to mind) and female “apostles” referred to in the New.  Their mentions are very brief, but they’re there.  It seems that a Church or society that wanted to keep women subjugated would have an interest in keeping these examples to a bare minmum in the Bible.  I’m kinda surprised they’re still in there at all.

StormChaser:   Which probably means that they where historically accurate and it was necessary to keep them in but down played as much as possible.

Jesus Crisis:  Interesting point….

StormChaser:  It’s strange that we only hear about the “big 12” – you would think that they would want to show this number growing constantly as Jesus became better known.  There were too many characters in the book already

Jesus Crisis: Before we go, I’d like to touch on the topic of humor again.  Do have any Bible-ish jokes or anecdotes you’d like to share?

StormChaser:  Well – I do believe that Voltaire was correct when he said –  If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him. 

Jesus Crisis:  lol

StormChaser:  I forget which comedian said this – “When did I realize I was God?  I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.”

Jesus Crisis:  Ah, yes… another good one.  Peter O’Toole!  By the way, I’m looking forward to your next WTF Challenge.

StormChaser:  I’m sorry to disappoint – I was just about to post a bulletin about taking a break for a while – I enjoy the work that went into it – but not many others have lately.

Jesus Crisis:  Ah!  Well, I hope you’ll return to it at some point.  I like how it made me think….  So what can we look forward to in the near future?

StormChaser:  I’m working on a few new profile pics – for the upcoming holidays.  And I probably will do a WTF or two soon – but nobody has even asked about it or said a word to me (except you) this past week.

Jesus Crisis:  I hope so!  And I can’t tell you how many messages I received from people who loved the Britney and “Jesus Criss” avatars you created for me.  I love them both, and thank you again!  Now that I’ve mentioned it, you’ll probably be deluged with requests… lol.

StormChaser:  Thank you and I would love to be deluged.

Jesus Crisis:  I know quite a few people who will be thrilled to hear that!  Well, thanks for agreeing to this interview, StormChaser!  I’ve enjoyed it.

StormChaser:  Me too.

StormChaser’s blog is a cool cornucopia full of perplexing puzzles, groovy games, intriguing trivia, and so much more.  I especially enjoy his fun and fascinating WTF Challenge series.  Please check ’em out, if you haven’t already!

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