John Visits a Psychic and Ends Up in Prison
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[I originally posted this blog in October 2007.]

Today my friend Maven posted a great blog called So Called Psychic.

I was going to post this as a comment to her blog, but I always feel guilty about hogging someone else’s blog with a blog of my own.  Plus, as we’ve been talking about “spiritual matters” on my blog lately, I kinda wanted to share my true story here.  Now I’ll feel a little guilty about kinda stealing her idea .  Please think of it not as a theft, but as an homage.  And help assuage my guilty conscience by visiting her, reading her true story and “showing some love.”

Mine might not be much of a story in comparison.  But hopefully the fact that I’ve never shared this with anyone else before will make up for that. 

Then again, maybe not… but here goes….

This true tale involves “a friend” who I will refer to as John.  John’s a nice, generic name for him, I suppose.  Almost makes him anonymous….


Probably fifteen years ago, John had to go to court over a false accusation.  He was afraid that if the accusation stuck, he would be facing a lot of time in jail.  And for the first time in his short adult life, this notorious skeptic was very afraid… even desperate… at least desperate enough to see a card reader.

Her charm, her allure, her seemingly intimate knowledge of his difficult situation, and a remarkably mystical quality in her personality made her seem more real than any “psychic” he’d seen before – on television or in real life.  Maybe the fact that she was stationed in the dark corner of a bar called the Libra Capri had something to do with it – that, or the five or six beers he’d imbibed before mustering the courage to approach her.

Anyway… this psychic actually convinced him that the cards showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole situation would be resolved in no more than six months, after which he would certainly be able to go on with his life as though nothing had happened. He was disappointed to see her using regular playing cards, rather than the cool tarot cards he always saw in movies. 

But he believed her.  He became certain his accuser would have an attack of conscience and tell the truth, either before the trial or when faced with evidence on the stand.  And when a couple of weeks later a jury that was not permitted to see all the evidence found him guilty as charged, John’s lawyer told him not to worry because “This will be overturned on appeal in six months,” after which he would certainly be able to go on with his life as though nothing had happened.

There were those six months again.  Maybe the psychic was still right.  Maybe she was “in tune” after all.

Alas….  To make a long story short, John’s court-appointed appeals attorney was after a year removed from the case by a judge for “failure to zealously prosecute an appeal.”  That attorney’s replacement deceived John and essentially took the money and ran (a topic for another blog).  And John wound up spending the next eleven years in prison for a crime he did not commit.


Needless to say…

John has returned to his original skepticism regarding psychics.


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