About a week and a half ago I posted a bog entitled Celebrated Sex Offender Laws Doing More Harm Than Good, which largely consisted of what I consider to be a very important article by Neal Peirce (yep! that’s how it’s spelled).

My kind friend 
Susannah Dean was sufficiently inspired to write a letter to Mr. Peirce.  And today, she received a response from him.  I suspect at least a few of my long-time readers might find this response as interesting as I do.
Thanks for forwarding it to me, Susannah!

To All Who Wrote Me Regarding the Sex Offender Column —

Sorry — there have been so many of you I just can’t handle individual replies.

It’s interesting — In response to the column I thought I’d receive a goodly share of abuse e-mails by people intolerant of anything except angry and excoriating depiction of all accused offenders.   A couple of rude and lurid ones came in, but overwhelmingly the responses were positive, welcoming a more nuanced and careful approach.

Unquestionably — there’s a long way to go in this country to even-handed and careful treatment of these cases.  I encourage you to write your mayor and local council people, as well as state legislators, to express your feelings on the topic.

I’ll return to this subject in my weekly column in time.  I try to treat sensitive social issues like this fairly often.  If you’d like to be on the e-mail list (no charge) to receive the column weekly, this is the link to request it:


Best regards-

Neal Peirce
Citistates Group and
Washington Post Writers Group