I’ve had too much to think lately, and apparently not enough caffeine to drink this morning.  Add to this the fact that my dog Lucky got me up at 3 a.m. and I found myself unable to return to sleep.  So I’m sitting here staring into space, immersing myself in David Gilmour’s CD On an Island, and recalling that I promised you five lists of ten (in my Nifty Rhymes with Fifty blog) not so long ago.  We’ll let this listless list count as one.

10. I wrote or co-wrote 10 of the dozen musical plays I helped produce in prison.
9.  I have 9 Peter Gabriel solo CDs on my computer
8.  I played keyboards and sang with 8 different bands during my incarceration.
7.  My wife and I have 7 grandchildren (Marcus, Jada, Cevon, Dorian, Vanessa, Derek & David).
6.  I saw Purple Rain 6 times at the cinema and drive-in when it came out in 1984.
5.  I’ve had 5 pet guinea pigs over the years (Whitey, Marcus, Harvey, Pierre & Delilah).
4.  I’ve lived in 4 places since I came home to Elyria in 2004.
3.  I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee this morning and am still half asleep.
2.  I’ve portrayed Jesus Christ in 2 plays (1998’s On the Third Day and 2001’s King of All Kings).
1.  I’ve played the Devil 1 time (Chancellor Lew C. Furr in 1997’s The New Apostles).

[my mustachioed prison mug shot]

And as an added bonus – I’ve begun finding some journals with poetry of mine that you might believe beats the beJesus out of the sorry schlock I’ve posted in the recent past on this blog.  Or not… LOL.

Here’s one example:

Past Present Future Tense
(8 May 1996, 10:05 p.m., Marion Correctional Institution)

Can you believe the
Rays of the sun can still penetrate
Souls as in the past?
Begin with the
Young heart,
Stay with
The smiles, live
In the dust of the present, and
Learn to
Love the other
Stars as well.
Neither sea nor sky can offer
Any more than already resides within.
Search the
Heart of
Open the sometimes
Ugly chest of the future, and
Give in to the lethargy of summer.