I’m convinced that marijuana can play a smmmokin’ role in saving our planet.  And here’s how.

First of all, let me say I am NOT advocating doing anything illegal.

It’s been many, many years since I’ve partaken of pot.

And even if marijuana WERE legal, I’m not really interested in using it or encouraging anyone else to do so.

I do, however, heartily believe that people should have as much right to fire up a joint as they do to smoke a tobacco cigarette, imbibe an alcoholic beverage, or worship an imaginary being.

Disclaimer done….

I’m convinced that marijuana can play a smmmokin’ role in saving our planet.  And here’s how.

Think of the countless billions of dollars we’ve spent and continue to spend on marijuana law enforcement – including passing the statutes, catching the “offenders,” cache-ing their stashes, prosecuting them in our courts, and in many, many cases, locking them up for far too long.  One example: in the early 1990’s, my friend Dave was handed a sentence of 15-years-to-life for a non-violent drug offense.  Yet someone convicted of RAPE around the same time served a mere 11 years.  Never mind that our courts are desperately backlogged and our jails are dangerously overcrowded.  And aren’t far more cases of vehicular homicide, domestic violence, murder, rape and other crimes committed under the influence of alcohol than under the influence of ganja?

Think of all the enforcement money we’ll save by legalizing marijuana!  Plus, we’ll have more efficient courts and safer jails….

Then tax that stuff.  Tax marijuana like you tax liquor and cigarettes now.  Then, not only is legalization a significant money saver – it’s also a significant money maker.  And pass a law to invest all that money in green technology – including solar panels (beginning with all government buildings), windmills, geothermal and even clean-coal technology.  This will eventually lead to further savings, plus help us to rid ourselves of foreign oil dependency and create enormous numbers of jobs throughout the country.  And no one will be able to outsource these “green collar” jobs, because someone will have to do tasks like installing the solar panels right here in America.  We would be setting an example for the world to follow – as well as making the green technology more efficient and appealing as we go.

Mary Jane – the new Messiah?

By legalizing the green we can more swiftly and affordably make our nation and our world green.

We’ll save (eventually) billions on enforcement, make billions on taxes, invest the savings and profits in green technology, create countless good-quality jobs, and help save our planet before it’s too late.

Good for our economy,
Good for our environment,
Good for future generations.

Something to think about….