Hi, everyone!  My name is Lord Lucky Maximus, best friend of the blogger known as Jesus Crisis, who I call Dad.  I’m a big Doberman Pinscher, but my mom thinks I must consider myself a teacup poodle, because I like to jump onto the sofa and plop down on people’s laps, especially Dad’s.  Heck, I know what kinda dog I am.  I’m the king of the canine world.  But can I help that I’m a lover, not a biter – especially when it comes to my family and friends?  I’ll warn you, though – mess with those friends and family, and I’ll be your worst nightmare.  As Dad once quoted to me from some writer whose name I can’t remember, “Even the most civilized dog has reason to snarl occasionally” – or something like that.

Lucky and his “Dad” in the Autumn of 2007 [photo by JC’s mom]

The reason I’m writing this today is that Dad has finally gotten away from the computer (and left it logged in) long enough for me to respond to a “tagging” Lady and I received from our dear friend Rune Warrior quite a while ago.

Now I’m not as good a writer as Dad or Mom or Rune Warrior, but I couldn’t let our friend think this canine just didn’t care.  So here I am, because I consider it an honor to be tagged, though I’m not quite sure how you can tag someone with a computer.  Dad says just to share ten interesting facts about myself (and Lady) – so I guess I can do that.  I’m not sure how interesting they’ll be.  We’re dogs, after all, and lead a relatively simple life.  But we’re happy, for the most part, and I suppose that’s what matters most.

Lucky lays claim to Lady in the Autumn of 2006 [photo by JC]

10)  Lady and I just had seven puppies last month – that makes 21 children in all for us.  Blackjack!  Ooh… that would be a perfect name for a Doberman.  Blackjack!  We’ll have to name one of our puppies that.  Lucky, Lady, and Blackjack are names that just beg to go together.

9)  Last year, when Lady and I spent more time on MySpace, we were quite popular.  First of all, we won Rev. Joseph Qelqoth‘s weekly photo caption contest (after coming in second place a couple of times).  For our prize, provocative MySpace personality Jolly Judd wrote a fantastically funny and fictional story about Lady and me.  Anyway, you can see how Jolly got his jollies at our expense (or in our honor, depending on your perspective) by visiting this link: http://jollyjudd.wordpress.com/2008/02/11/lucky-and-lady-a-tale-of-deception-and-terror/.

8)  Last year, Lady won the title of Princess in MySpace blogger Chibochick‘s pet contest.  Although I got just as many votes as her, the competition in the Prince category was united behind a little mutt named Ruffneck, who ended up beating me because he had a peculiar reputation for enjoying Jack Daniel’s.  Freakin’ hooch pooch!  Hell, I’d drink Jack if dad would give it to me.  I do like to devour some BilJac[k].  That should count for something.

7)  I’m afraid of the new puppies – at least while they’re this small.  But please don’t tell anyone.  It would spoil my rough and tumble reputation.

6)  If I had my druthers, I’d love to romp and play with little people, like Dad and Mom’s grandkids.  But I think Lady, though she likes kids, would prefer the chance to chase rabbits, birds and squirrels.

5)  The three words that get us most excited are “Bye-bye” (we love going for a walk or drive), “Snack” (we love to eat), and “Potty” – probably in that order.

4)  As far as snacks go, Lady’s a bit more particular than I.  For example, she has to sniff everything before she eats it.  But I figure if Dad’s handing it to me, it must be good, so why should I waste time sniffing?  There’s not much either of us won’t eat, however – unless Dad says it’s not good for us.  Then, sometimes, we’ll still try to eat it.

3)  Our favorite movie is Old Yeller – but Yeller looks an awful lot like my Lady.  I’d never wish getting hog-cut and catching the hydrophoby on any dog – especially Lady.  So that movie always makes me cry (or fall asleep, depending on my mood).

2)  This is my first time being “tagged” on the computer.  I still haven’t figured out what all this cyber-slang means.  But I’ve actually done some real life tagging, if that’s what you call it.  First, of course, I tagged Lady.  Dad says that’s how she got the puppies (I still don’t understand the connection).  Second, I tagged the neighbor’s dog Gidget.  I was tied up in my own back yard, minding my business, when Gidget came prancing over here in heat.  What’s a fellow to do in such a situation?  So I did what came naturally and played the hospitable host.  I drew the line, however, at sharing my rawhide with her.

1)  I seem to collect a lot of names.  “Lucky” really had two sources.  First, my dad’s grandmother long ago owned a Chihuahua named Lucky.  And then my biological mother, another Doberman, is named “Luck Be a Lady Tonight.”  So Dad named me after both of them when I was 6 weeks old.  But when I was even younger, they named me Nemo, because I had a bad paw, caused by a birth defect (kinda like the fish in Finding Nemo seems to have a defective fin). But I don’t let my disability define me.  In fact I run around as well as any dog.  I’m lucky in that regard.  And with a name like Lucky, it was inevitable that someone would refer to me as “Lucky Strike,” after the cigarette.  I guess I am smokin’ hot, as far as dogs go – so I can live with that.  Eventually, though, that name was shortened to Strike, which makes me sound big and bad.  Though I’m big, I’m not really bad.  But I don’t want too many people to know it.  So I let Dad call me Mister Strike now.  The only name I think I’d like better is Sir Strike-a-lot.

JC and Mr. Strike, circa Christmas 2006 [photo by Geri]
Okay, Dad’s begging me to get off the computer now.  But first I’m going to try to get him to show me how to use Photobucket, so you can see some pics of our puppies.  Don’t forget to carry dog snacks with you wherever you go.  You never know when you’ll come across a canine in need.  Dad gives us snacks all the time.  So when you see a dog walking down the street, just think to yourself… what would Jesus do?  And then give that dog a treat!

Two new puppies close up [photo by JC]

Hannah loves to help take care of the puppies [photo by JC]

Proud Mama Lady comes in from going potty [photo by JC]

If JC is Lucky’s dad – does that make JC’s mom the puppies’ great grandma?
[photo by JC]

All seven of Lucky and Lady’s new puppies [photo by JC]