After lunch in Westlake to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday, I stopped at my favorite public library in the entire universe (so far), the Westlake Porter library on Center Ridge Road.  I noticed there, in celebration of Poetry Month, a huge pad of paper on an easel, where they were inviting patrons to handwrite their own haiku.

Since I didn’t have my camera there, here is a photo I took of myself when I arrived home.

Anyway, I wrote this impromptu poem on the library’s pad.  It doesn’t meet the strict definition of haiku.  So let’s call it “hai-cuckoo” instead.  Here it is, just as I jotted and “little-thoughted” it:


Look thru my stained glass
Streaked with ash and carbon tears
To see me clearly

Now that I’m home and have given it some thought, here’s how I wish I had written it:

Peering through tinted glass
Streaked with ash and concrete tears

We glimpse silent fears