Looking through my 1997 notebook Meditations and Improvisations, I came across a four-line piece I’d completely forgotten writing.  At the bottom of the page it was on, I’d written this explanation for the piece: “Mahamudra poetics exercise suggested by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso and used in Ginsberg’s ‘Big Eats.'”  Strange… I don’t remember anything about that exercise and I don’t even remember the Ginsberg poem I mentioned.  Anyway, here’s what I wrote that day:

14 July 1997
2:40 p.m.

                        “neurotic confusion” — “ordinary mind”

Catapult Kissinger chaos Key Largo who’s looking at you kidnapping the Czar

In ground control groundless one wonders why Wheat Thins are square and not cubed sayonara

In vitro capacitous cunning cantankerous reaching for hope like a Cuban

Cigar American cigarette tycoon grasping for straws and then gasping for breath.

Doing a bit of online research this morning, I’ve not yet found any details regarding this “Mahamudra poetics exercise” – otherwise I would invite everyone to try it (and I would try it again myself).  Anybody looking for more information might find this Khenpo Rinpoche site a good starting point (or at least interesting to see what else I was into at that time of my life):


Ginsberg’s “Big Eats” can be found in his collection entitled Cosmopolitan Greetings, which I’d borrowed from the prison library (according to my journal) and was reading when I wrote the above piece.  Oddly enough, I no longer have a copy of that book, or I’d share the poem here – but it is available in my Amazon bookstore. I guess I’ll have to order a copy – and perhaps some of you will want to, too….  [UPDATE: a friend has provided me with a copy of “Big Eats,” and you can find it in the comments below.  Thanks!]

If anyone can direct me to more information on the mahamudra poetics exercise, please do.