Earlier this month, I posted a selection from my unpublished poetry collection In a Dada ga Vida (from 1996).  I’m grateful for your feedback.   (Here’s the link to that piece: Sin and Slumber.)

Since several folks have expressed interest in seeing other specimens from that volume, here is another, written in prison on 1 June 1996 and entitled “Dead Souls.”

inDeed Endless
Asp unDaunted
Ursula undressed

counteD latE
fastiDious Souls
On dUnes
Lost Souls

unDead indEed
anD Surely dOne
Unless Light iS

Jesus Crisis in The Insignificants
Me playing a shepherd boy in The Insignificants, Easter 1996
[photo by Chaplain Hugh Daley,  Marion Correctional Institution]

* * *

The title “Dead Souls” was inspired by this Joy Division song:

And here’s a remake by Nine Inch Nails that appeared in The Crow: