I wrote this short piece for my poet/artist friend Will Northerner’s Earth Invitational on MySpace a couple of weeks ago, after being inspired by my friend Stormchaser’s Hulk haiku blog.  And since gasoline is over four dollars a gallon here in Elyria, and Senate Republicans have this week blocked Democrats’ efforts to enact a windfall profits tax on oil companies, today might be a good time to share my “Gas Hike Coup” here, followed by a few relevant graphics.

Planet Earth gets hot,

Has been bought by Texaco.

Kick Bush in the twat.

Here’s an even better one:

Leaders cavortin’

with Halliburton rape us.

Let’s fuck oily Bush.

(with apologies to the intelligent people in Texas, many of whom are my friends)

Is it too late to kick Bush, now in the last year of his presidency, in the tush?  Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who recently filed articles of impeachment, doesn’t think so.  Neither do the folks at www.democrats.com, a site I just discovered this morning.