I’ve already blogged about three of the five poetry readings I attended last week:

Barking for Daniel Thompson (Tuesday 8 July at the Spider)
To the Mac’s (Wednesday 9 July at Mac’s Backs on Coventry)
Raised Glasses, Nearly Bared Asses, and the Poetic Masses (10 July at the Lit)

Now I’d like to cover number four.

Deep Cleveland (11 July at Borders Books and Music in Strongsville):

Up till now, I was uncertain about the protocol as far as snapping people’s pictures at readings.  Being an unknown, I didn’t want anyone to worry I was performing surveillance for the Department of Homeland Security or something.  Plus I am, believe it or not, a bit bashful when I’m offstage and offline – so I was somewhat shy about just coming out and asking folks if I could photograph them.  I also didn’t want to distract the reading poets with my flash.

I experimented with taking pictures at Mac’s after Smith and Dianne told me folks probably wouldn’t mind.  But since I hadn’t yet posted the picture blogs, I still wasn’t sure how it would be received when I went to the Deep Cleveland poetry reading on Friday 11 July.  So I didn’t take out my camera that night.  But now I wish I had.

Danilee Eichhorn was the featured reader.  I’m rather amazed that she doesn’t have a book out yet, because she has some good stuff.  I sent her a MySpace message a few days ago asking if I could post one of her poems on this blog.  But she hasn’t been online since then and hasn’t read my message (one thing I like about MySpace – you can always tell when someone’s read your message).  When I have a chance to talk with her, I’ll see if I can post something by her in my Crisis Chronicles Online Library. [Update by JC on 7/21: I’ve posted Danilee’s poem Basil there!]
  If I’d thought of it sooner, I could’ve asked her when I saw her the next day at the Brandt Gallery, where I captured this image:

Poet and storyteller Danilee Eichhorn in Tremont

One thing cool about Danilee’s performance was that she didn’t confine herself to “reading” from a page or even to just “poetry,” per se.  She sprinkled in her unique stories as well – though I think of them as from-the-heart-and-psyche prose poems in their own right.  Lots of goodies….

The open mic portion of the night was cool as well.  I debuted two poems: “A-hem” (which you can read
here) and “Think You Very Much” (to be published soon).  Many groovy folks I’ve met, heard, and liked before like T.M. Göttl, Christopher Franke, Jack McGuane, Steve and Kathy Smith, Dianne Borsenik, J.E. Stanley, Dan Smith, and Ralph Ryan were on hand.  So were a couple of folks whose written work I’d read and respected without ever having met or heard them in person before – like Mary Turzillo and Geoffrey Landis.  Awesome to meet them….  (To see a photo Geoff took of me that night, click here.)  And there were a few good poets I’d not previously known (I probably should have – but remember, I’m a relative newbie) – these included Wanda Sobieska (over a week later, her “To Wal-Mart” keeps coming to mind), Roger Miller and Eric Anderson.  Last, but not least, our host was Joshua Gage, often referred to as the “purple-bathrobed mystic of the Cuyahoga,” who started us off with a poem by the Sufi mystic Hafiz and said quite a few nice things about my blog.  [Much appreciated!] 

Josh also writes a blog – on the new
ClevelandPoetics Blogspot.  Another great place to visit if you’re into the scene….  To check out what Josh wrote about this Deep Cleveland reading (and see more photos of the poets, including me, by Geoffrey Landis), follow this link:

To read what I wrote about last month’s Deep Cleveland reading, click here.

Deep Cleveland holds readings at Borders the second Friday of every month at 8:30 p.m.  And I’m very much looking forward to the next few months’ featured readers – all of whom I have seen and want to see again.

Christopher Franke (August 8th)

Karen Schubert (September 12th)

Jack McGuane (October 10th)

Borders Books and Music
17200 Royalton Rd. (Rt. 82)
Strongsville, Ohio 44136
phone: (440) 846-1144

Hope to see you there….  I’ll be taking pictures next time.

* * *

P.S. Books by some of the folks I’ve mentioned above are available through my Amazon bookstore (click “Browse Amazon.com” near the very top of my left sidebar, under Helpful Links, to see what you can find – remember, a percentage of all purchases helps keep crisischronicles.com in business).

Many more books by the poets above are available through www.deepcleveland.com.