Saturday 12 July, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending a monthly poetry reading at Tremont’s Brandt Gallery in the artistic heart of Cleveland, Ohio.  I was looking forward to it for a number of reasons: our friend Christina was coming from Detroit to take part, it was a chance to hear more from Russ Vidrick (who I’d only met briefly at the Literary Cafe two days before), it would be my first-ever outdoor poetry event (if the morning rain held off), and it provided one final opportunity to see Smith and Lady before their return home to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Sunshine drove the rain away and a cool breeze estranged from spring and cavorting with summer blew in an extra treat I hadn’t expected: legendary poet, publisher, photographer and (most recently) potter Jim Lang.  The reading’s format was what Russ called a round robin – there was no real order, but there was no chaos either, just a rich and complex poetic flux and flow.  I found it extremely cool how Lang sprinkled in relevant news items and musings on the world – raising subtle questions that stirred the poetic pot among us.  One subject touched upon was the recent death of local poet and “character” Steve Ferguson.

Afterward, most of us had supper together at the excellent Korea House on Superior Avenue, where I was pleased to have the chance to meet and converse briefly with Wendy Shaffer, one of my favorite Cleveland poets.  Hopefully next time, we’ll get to hear her read.

Here are a few photos I took that day at the Brandt Gallery:

Lang remembers Ferguson (with Geri and Chris in the foreground)

Lady K and Smith

Russ Vidrick and Danilee Eichhorn

James and Dianne Borsenik

Rachelle Gallant

Charlotte brought both poetry and delicious peanut butter cookies

Kimberley Diamond Bones and Adam Brodsky

Christopher Franke

Christina Brooks and Danilee

Geri, Dianne and Chris

Steven B. Smith

Lady K and Dan Smith (no relation, as far as I know)

James was sensational reading an erotic poem by Dianne

A perfect place and day for poetry

Brodsky sang like Sinatra to accompany Vidrick’s reading of Leonard Cohen

Jim Lang

Lady K Smith


Russ Vidrick

Poets converge (and converse) on the lawn

Le Rouge et Le Noir – Franke, Borsenik, Smith and Lang

To see the rest of my photos from this event, visit my Brandt Gallery Photobucket album:

To read an excellent MySpace blog Chris (a.k.a. Rune Warrior) wrote about the day:

To take part in this very cool reading series: come to the Brandt Gallery from 3 to 5 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month.  It’s at 1028 Kenilworth Avenue in Cleveland.

BYOB… and while you’re there, visit the awesome Visible Voice bookstore across the street and dozens of other digable attractions in the neighborhood.