The Bookstore on W. 25th, a Cleveland landmark since I can remember, was due to go out of business at the end of last month.  At the Brandt reading I blogged about yesterday, Jim Lang mentioned that they were still open on a temporary basis, packed with books, and selling ’em for 90% off.  Wow….

Well since they’d been going out of business for about a month already, I didn’t really expect to find much to interest me there – so I didn’t go then.  But yesterday, after Geri and I drove to Tremont’s Visible Voice bookstore only to learn it is closed on Mondays, she suggested we see if the Bookstore on W. 25th was still open and had anything worthwhile.

I thought it was a futile trek, but went along – and boy, am I glad I did.  The place is still packed!

For only ten dollars, I picked up a treasure trove of stuff including four full-sized books: The Journals of Andre Gide, Volume IV, E.L. Doctorow’s Billy Bathgate, André Malraux’s Anti-Memoirs, and a very arty edition of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.  Best of all,  I acquired at least thirty rare poetry collections/chapbooks/journals (many of them signed and decades old).  Here’s one gem I was particularly happy to find….

the last work d.a. levy wrote for publication before his suicide in 1968
it showed up in Cleveland a week after his death

The small-press part of my grab also included early works by many of the poets mentioned in the Cleveland Poetry Scenes “panorama and anthology” I’ve recently read and been pimping.  They include Steven B. Smith (very first issue of Taproot), Daniel Thompson, Christopher Franke, Adam Brodsky, Kristen Ban Tepper, Amy Bracken Sparks, Bill Arthrell, Meredith Holmes, Diane Kendig, Christopher Franke, Cheryl Townsend, Ben Gulyas, Russell Salamon, Mark Kuhar, Daniel Kaminsky, Barbara Tanner Angell, Michael Waldecki, Cyril Dostal, Gina Tabasso, Barry Zuckor, Claire McMahon and Robert Wallace.

The owner said these publications had been shelved in the store by mistake and weren’t necessarily meant to be part of the sale.  But then he let me have them anyway!  I guess he must have gotten the right vibe from me.

Stay tuned… my next blog will be about meeting poets (and 
Cleveland Poetry Scenes editors) Larry Smith and Mary Weems (and hearing them read) Sunday at an awesome venue on the Lake Erie shore.  And a few more surprises are coming as well.

Since the d.a. levy chapbook is not copyrighted, I will adding it to my
online library in the near future (it’s fantastic!) – as well as some work by good poets who’ve been known to visit my blog regularly (I’ll leave you in suspense regarding who for now).  Late last night, I added a poem called “Basil” by Deep Cleveland featured reader Danilee Eichhorn to the library.  Please click HERE to check that out and give her a shout out.  I will also be officially launching the Crisis Chronicles Press sometime soon and posting information on how to procure a copy of my new Bloggerel chapbook.  I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do, but I’m getting there.

Upcoming poetry readings I plan to attend include:

July 30th at 8 pm:
Madison Rose Bookstore in Lakewood (featuring Dan Smith & Ben Gulyas)

August 3rd at 2 pm:
Joe Sundae’s in Sandusky (featuring T.M. Göttl)

August 7th at 7 p.m.:
Jim’s Coffeehouse in Elyria (open mic)

And I’ve been invited to be a featured performer (and part of a podcast) in South Euclid on 23 August (I’ll post more information on that as soon as possible).

Peace, love and poetry,