I don’t have a lot of time to write today; but I’m so excited, I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

Two of my poems have just been published in the latest issue (#22, Giving In) of The City, a beautifully crafted underground poetry zine.  I’ve been a huge fan of The City since discovering it for the first time last year, and I find it incredible that I’m actually a part of it now.

See and enjoy the new issue at http://www.thecitypoetry.com/issue22/index.htm!

Here’s my immediate response to publisher Kathy Ireland Smith after I perused the issue this morning:

Jesus Crisis

Beautifully done…. One of the best issues, perhaps THE best… and that’s saying a great deal.

I feel extremely honored to be included – especially among such excellent poets and artists. Feels surreal to appear on the same page as the likes of Michael Salinger…. Very nice also to see in print pieces like “Cleveland Nocturne,” “1968” and “To Wal-Mart” that impressed me so much when I recently heard them read live by their authors….

And awesome that we can get print copies!

How do you find time to do all this?!?!

I’m humbled, thrilled, and very grateful.

* * *

The following is an announcement Kathy sent to the artists/poets who contributed to The City:

G I V I N G   I N
T H E   C I T Y   P O E T R Y  
I S S U E 2 2

did you know that darwin didn’t even know that chooks couldn’t see the blue iridescent feathers of the roosters that he presumed to think were a basis for his selection theory?

allow me to react to such nonsense with a few words about domestic silence. mediocrity is to oblivion what sound is to wind, and to further unravel such simple distractions, note first the blue iridescent feathers of the rooster, and ask yourself or anyone for that matter, who snaked the sun from the rainbow’s heart?

    from Evolution is a Burning Blunder of Hot Air by Andrew Boerum

The City Poetry is an underground zine which focuses on Cleveland writers and artists, but it also features well-known contributors from all over the world. Its poems and art are typically surreal, irreverent, madly political, beautiful or sublime. Warning: contains mature content.

View the complete issue online at www.thecitypoetry.com, buy it in print here. *

This issue features Joe Balaz, Marcus Bales, Richard Biscayart, Andrew Boerum, Kimberley Diamond Bones, Bree, Adam Brodsky, Michael H. Brownstein, Eli P. Cimota,  Jesus Crisis, Danilee Eichhorn, Z. Guadamour, Jim Lang, Jack McGuane, Michael Salinger, Darryl Salach, Eric Shaffer, wendy shaffer, Yuyutsu RD Sharma, David Smith, Lady K & Steven B. Smith, Wanda Sobieska, l-j stockman and George Wallace. I apologize for inadvertent omissions.

All are called to stand up
for this over-inflated establishment,
this store that had unwittingly morphed
into a universe in its own right—
self-sufficient, fully-fledged, and indisputably functional:
a model microcosm to our own imperfect world;
an island unto itself; a high-voltage bubble of commerce
that had boiled over the top,
frothing into some hyper-charged
cash-and-credit force field that trapped its contents
within a finely-tuned matrix
of creeds, rules, and regulations, which formed
a new and complete set of guidelines for existence,
apocalyptic bylaws and all.

    from To Wal-Mart by Wanda Sobieska

T H E   C I T Y   I N   P R I N T

Starting with this issue, I am pleased to make The City Poetry available in print at Lulu.com. (The entire zine is also viewable at http://www.thecitypoetry.com/issue22/index.htm.)

Full color version, perfect bound spine. Full color covers. 46 pages. This issue is available at cost.

$11.43 plus shipping *

> purchase issue 22 here

* I found a couple errors in my test copy so I’ve made revisions and updated the version on lulu. The original copy was $10.83 but I made changes for the sake of readibility which resulted in more pages for the zine.