Here’s a poem I debuted publicly on 30 July 2008 at a venue that does NOT censor.
Gotta lotta positive feedback….
Would love to read it at one that DOES….
It’s best if you hear it live.

Low Kay Shun

If you see Kay
Tell her I love her
Miss her
Wish she were on the menu

If you see Kay
Tell her I’m sorry
She’s not allowed in this venue

Not sure why
Doesn’t make much sense
Might have something to do with religion
Or the government.

Her friends Whore and War are welcome anytime
But if you see Kay
Tell her no way!
She can’t come.

Most everyone else
Can come til they’re dumb though.

A few other folks are welcome as long as
They wear the acceptable contextual clothes:

Dick Van Dyke
Can come as often as he likes
But buy him
Own him
Call him my Dick
And he’s not welcome.

Billowy pussy willows
Can blossom and blow as they wish
But own one
Mention that “My pussy will O…”
You’ll soon discover
That fair or bare or not
In this place
You’re pussona non grata.

My Ps and Qs and I
Are free to come and go
And lie as often as we will

But if you see Kay
Tell her the powers that be
Have had their fill of her
And swill like her
Is barred from the menu
In this venue
By the men who’d rather
Go home and sin you
While warning a word like you
To not intrude on their poetry
Their peach
Pity free dumb of speech
In this low Kay shun.

[by Jesus Crisis, Summer 2008]

[self portrait from June 2007]