I used to read the newspaper every morning, religiously, before anything else.  Got the Cleveland Plain Dealer for a while, still get the local Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, and I receive the New York Times every day by e-mail….  Strange, though: the last month or so, for the first time in years, I haven’t been quite so diligent about reading them.  Got a pile of unread Newsweek and Time magazines, too….  I know we need to keep ourselves informed – but I wonder if that has anything to do with my revived attention to poetry….

Yesterday I went through my regular e-mail inbox and found over forty unread New York Timeses from July and August there.  I mean, I guess I’ve been keeping up on news somewhat through other avenues, but….

Bush Has Rice, Rice Has Bush

Anyway, I knew Russia has been “engaging” Georgia lately – but this headline from yesterday’s New York Times was news to me: Rice, in Georgia, Calls on Russia to Pull Out Now.  Hmm… Here we have one pre-emptive warmonger who used bullshit as a pretense to slide it into Iraq (or at least swallowed her boss George/Dick’s pretense and then spit the gist of it in our direction) telling another warmonger that he’s wrong to slide his pretense into another country’s orifice.

Instead of preaching hypocrisy to our competition, perhaps we should strike a bargain… say “you pull out yours and we’ll put out ours.”  What do you think?  Give peace a chance….