I’ve been working feverishly to bring you video blogs from some awesome poetry events at Deep Cleveland and Joe Sundae’s – but issues with my big computer have ground progress to a halt.  I seem to be getting the issues fixed.  But after today, I won’t have time to work on video until Monday.  Frustrating….

I apologize to the folks who’ve been waiting patiently.

Fortunately, though, I’ve still been able to use my laptop all day (which does not have the software or memory for video), so I’ve been able to accomplish quite a few other things.  One is adding to my online library.

Last night I added The Flea by John Donne (to whom my high school creative writing teacher generously compared me in the early 1980s) and Prayer by Hilda Doolittle (who I chose as one of my “Favorite Poets from A to Z” in D Is for Doolittle).

Today I added a previously unpublished “epic” poem contributed by Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour founder Mark S. Kuhar (perhaps better known as markk).  I’m elated to be able to feature Mark’s piece (get your minds out of the gutter!) in the library.  And it’s a fine piece of work.  Please check it out by clicking here – or you can follow this permalink:


* * *
I’m also excited to announce that I’ve received many excellent submissions for the library, from both the so-called known and the so-called unknown.  I haven’t had a chance to respond personally to everybody yet, but wow!…  Upcoming contributors I’m particularly thrilled about having onboard include ArtCriminal Steven Smith and Macho Sex author Cheryl Townsend.  But let me shut up before I spoil any surprises.  Keep an eye out at http://library.crisischronicles.com.  Barring an act of God, I plan to post something new there every day.  Videos will have to wait until Monday, however….

Here’s a photo Dianne Borsenik took of me and my video camera during this month’s reading at Joe Sundae’s in Sandusky:

Might help if I removed my finger from in front of the lens