Gotta lot to do today, but I want you to know my featured reading at Phoenix Coffee in South Euclid for Saturday Night with the Poet’s Haven went very well….  Our friend Chris (Rune Warrior) came all the way from Detroit.  James and Dianne Borsenik took us out to eat before heading to the gig.  And a lot of fine poetic folk were in attendance (including, but not limited to, Wendy Shaffer, T.M. GöttlCavana Faithwalker, Steve Goldberg, Jean Brandt, Peter Leon, Rubin William and my wife Geri Lynne).  Split Pea/ce were also featured – and VertigoXX of was our host and MC.

VXX recorded the goings-on and will be posting a podcast of them for your listening pleasure very soon at, as well as on the Poet’s Haven’s MySpace page.  I’ll try to let you know as soon as it’s online.

I didn’t take my camera or any notes – tried to focus solely on the poetry.  But Dianne Borsenik and Rune Warrior took a bunch of pictures and will probably be blogging something about the event very soon.  [UPDATE: They did it!  To read Dianne’s blog click here; to read Chris’, click here.]  I don’t feel I’m the best person to review my own reading, anyway.  But I thought it went well.  I felt a little nervous at first (less so than I might have expected), but didn’t take too long to start feeling right at home.  I was thrilled that so many friends showed up to show their support (the house was packed!).  During the open mic, I very much enjoyed hearing some of the performers who were new to me.  And several of the poets I’ve seen and enjoyed many times before outdid themselves, taking their already excellent work to deeper, more sensitive and more inspired levels.

I read several of my pieces live for the first time, including an untitled poem Will Northerner published a few months ago as part of his Blast Invitational, “Prison Scene” from Bloggerel, and my previously unseen “Preacher Gunn” (which I began writing 10 years ago in prison and revised slightly a few hours before the event).

And this was before the coffee kicked in! [photo by Dianne]

Other pieces I read included Holier Than Thou, Rapists, John Cage Engaged and Uncaged, and my epic Identity Crisis.  Can’t recall for sure what else now….

Please keep an eye on Dianne Borsenik‘s and Rune Warrior‘s blogs for more… as well as on for the podcast… and if you can, please check out the next Saturday Night at the Poet’s Haven open mic event in person at Scribbles Cafe in Kent, Ohio, on September 6th at 8 p.m.  Rising star Dakota Kincer will be featured.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your friendship, inspiration and support!  Peace….