On Thursday 14 August, we had one hell of a good time at the monthly Poetry Night extravaganza hosted by Cleveland’s incomparable Literary Cafe in historic Tremont.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I’m late as hell in posting this blog (not sure, though, what hell has to do with being late, unless the wait was hell).  Shoulda been an easy one to post, I guess, since the second featured reader, David Hassler, canceled at the last minute and didn’t show up.  His reasons?  Essentially, he’d slept poorly all week and knew he would have important work to attend to the morning after the event. 

Welcome to the club, Buddy!!!!

But we ended up not needing the Hassle after all.

The night’s other scheduled feature, Michelle Krivanek (who won 1st place in Cleveland State University’s 2008 Student Creative Writing Contest), drew a large crowd and kept us rapt with her poetic prowess.  Even inspired me to buy her Gender Names for Moon (published by The Language Foundry)….  Very nice!

Anyway, I am dreadfully behind on things I want (and have promised) to accomplish, so I will wrap this blog up here, knowing it doesn’t give you a fucking clue as to how fucking cool the night was.  (I find it hard to write about the Literary Cafe without saying “fuck” at least once.)  If you really want to know how cool it was and is, you need to take your ass (and the rest of you) to Poetry Night at the Lit on the second Thursday of every month.

Or you can stay home and miss the fuck out.  Your choice.

The F word has been used in this blog by permission of Nick Traenkner, the Lit emcee, who I believe has copyrighted it.  Or maybe I dreamt that part.  Not sure….

Here are a few photos (by me, except the one of me) taken that night:

Dianne Borsenik and Geri Burroughs

Ray McNiece

Vertigo Xi’an Xavier

Nick Traenkner loosens up the crowd

Some of the folks eager to hear Krivanek

Michelle Krivanek

j.s. makkos photographs Krivanek while Miles Budimir and others listen intently

Krivanek emotes while performing Gender Names for Moon

Danilee Eichhorn during the night’s open mic

Vertigo Xi’an Xavier and Ray McNiece

Open mic continues

I performed Low Kay Shun and Identity Crisis  [photo by Geri]

Dianne Borsenik

j.s. makkos

Carmen Tracey and Steve Goldberg have front row seats

Rob Rozine

Dominique and Susan dance to Polka music while Nick looks for a poem on his cell phone

C. Allen Rearick

Überhost Steve Goldberg shows his sensitive side

One more for the road

Lots of other poets were present – but I wasn’t as diligent about snapping photos as I was last month.  My apologies to the folks I missed….

* * *

To see more, even cooler photos from the night’s festivities, please visit Lit Cafe proprietor Andy Timithy’s Flickr album here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/literarycafe/sets/72157606679375635/

To see and hear Michelle Krivanek’s featured performance, as filmed by Andy, click this link:

To see an open mic video montage Andy put together (including a moment of me), click this:

* * *

Even better, come on down to the Lit….

The Literary Cafe
1031 Literary Road
Cleveland, Ohio

Coming attractions include (but are by no means limited to):

Thursday, Sept. 11th: Phil Metres and Amy Bracken Sparks
Thursday, Oct. 9th: Mwatabu Okantah and Bridget Kriner

Poetry Nights begin at 9:30 p.m., with an open mic and other fun stuff to follow.
The bar opens at 8:30 p.m.
Other good shit happens on other nights.

Come and get your love!

And I hope you don’t mind me saying this word one more time before I sign off:


Peace, love and poetry,