A while back, I ran MyHeritage’s face-recognition software on the United States major party Presidential candidates.  Now it’s time for the 2008 Vice Presidential Candidates.

Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska:

In case you’re wondering, that IS NOT a real photo of Sarah Palin. 

[Update: I apologize for perpetuating the myth that this was a real photo of Palin – I said it was when I posted this blog, having received “verification” from a friend who’d never steered me wrong before.  However, we have since learned that it is NOT an authentic picture.  It’s Palin’s FACE in this image, but it’s not her body or gun.  Damn!  But what a metaphor!  Follow this link for more information on the photo: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_sarah_palin_bikini_pic.htm.]

If you’re wearing a red white and blue bikini, do you still need an American flag pin?

Sadly, I was unable to find a comparable photo of Governor Palin’s Democratic nemesis.  If anyone knows where I can find a photo of Senator Biden sporting swim trunks (or briefs or boxers – or even showing off his rifle), please let me know.

Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware:

I find it interesting that Biden looks more like Catherine Deneuve than Sarah Palin looks like any celebrity besides Sharon Osborne.  You may recall that last time, the software said that John McCain looked like B.B. King and Barack Obama looked like Jessica Stam.  And at various times (on various photos), it’s compared me to Donald Rumsfeld and Angelina Jolie.

To see which celebrity MyHeritage thinks YOU look like, visit http://www.myheritage.com/collage.

And don’t forget to vote!