Hillary Clinton will be at my alma mater, Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio, campaigning for Barack Obama this Sunday (14 September, which also happens to be my wife’s birthday).  I won’t be able to make it, since I have too much to do around the house; but anyone else interested can register here.

The following is an e-mail I received from the Obama campaign yesterday.  The message had “Forward this E-mail” written in its subject line, and I’m complying because I believe that although Obama is by no means perfect, he is by far our best choice among the electable presidential candidates.

* * *

John —

Help your friends Vote for Change In Ohio, you know how few votes it can take to tip an election. You probably also know more than one Buckeye who isn’t registered to vote.

The registration deadline on October 6th is fast approaching.

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to check out our new, one-stop voter registration website.

Just forward this message.

Our new Ohio registration site makes it easier than ever to get registered. Instead of tracking down the right forms, all you need to do is answer a few basic questions and you’ll have everything you need to become registered. You can also:

  • Confirm your registration status
  • Apply to vote absentee

If you need to confirm that you’re registered or you’d like to learn more, take a minute to visit the site right now:


This race is too close and too important to stay home on Election Day.

If you take the time to register and vote — and make sure everyone you know is registered as well — we’ll be able to turn the tide of the past eight years.

It’s people just like you who will transform this nation.

Thanks for everything you are doing in Ohio,