“The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind”
-Bob Dylan

Thanks to everyone who wished Geri a happy birthday yesterday.  I got a lot accomplished in the house, in the yard and online while she had to work 12 hours at the prison.  At one point, fierce winds completely snapped off the cherry tree in our front yard, landing the very top of it on our front porch, but fortunately without causing a great deal of damage.  In the evening, my mom and step-dad had us over for supper.  Usually Geri likes to unwind at night watching television, while I hate TV and prefer to read, write, or work on my website.  But last night I gave in and joined her to watch an old Elia Kazan movie called Gentleman’s Agreement (1947, starring Gregory Peck).  I was glad I did.  Good film about anti-semitism….  Please watch it when you have a chance.

Yesterday, I posted two of my favorite d.a. levy poems (Cleveland Undercovers and Great Man Sleeping in a Closet) in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.  Today I added another fine piece by Philip Metres (Patronymic, which he read Thursday at the Literary Cafe).  Tonight or (more likely) tomorrow, I plan to post a blog about (and photos from) the “Lit.”  Not enough time tonight….  And yesterday I almost finished the Deep Cleveland poetry video I promised last month – so I will make that available on my blog soon as well.

Today Columbia gas showed up to turn off our gas for a past due bill (which for some reason we never received) of about thirty dollars.  Fortunately, our dog Lucky started barking insistently, drawing my attention to the fact that the service woman was in our yard.  So we paid the bill and averted that crisis.  There’s other crap going on, too, that I have neither time nor the inclination to write about.  Nothing too serious, just a bit wearying….  I need to get more sleep.

More awesome poetry by Steven B. Smith, Philip Metres, Kathy Ireland Smith, Cheryl Townsend, Kevin Eberhardt, Chocolate Waters and several other awesome authors will be coming to the Online Library in the coming month.  I don’t wanna spoil every surprise though….

And Philip Metres mentioned Geri and me in his blog (which also features a video Literary Cafe proprietor Andy Timithy shot of Philip’s featured reading).  Cool!

And finally, here are a few photos I took today:

What’s left of the trunk of the cherry tree high winds popped in our yard

Cherry branches find a temporary home (appropriately enough) on our tree lawn

Self portrait on our staircase

* * * * *

And dig these: