Last week I posted a blog including video of Christopher Franke’s featured reading during the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour at Borders Books & Music in Strongsville, Ohio, on 8/8/2008.

Here’s the sequel to that blog, featuring video of the entire open mic session that followed.  Some good poets read that night – and I suspect there’s something for everyone in the video.  But first we’ll start with emcee Joshua Gage’s introduction to the open mic (about 6 minutes long):

Some of the news folks mentioned is out-of-date because I’ve taken so long to get this video posted.  I apologize.  But I did almost no editing, so you could get a real feel for how one of these events goes.  There are lots of different poetry venues with all sorts of styles in the Greater Cleveland area, and I hope to give you a taste of some other flavors in the future.

Now, here’s the open mic session video (about 47 minutes long).  It starts with me reading two poems, Lobal Warman and Past Present Future Tense.  Eventually, I’ll break this up and post some of the highlights on You Tube.  In the meantime (though I encourage you to watch the whole thing and I guarantee you’ll discover some gems), here’s a handy “minute:second” index to help you find particular poets:

00:00 – Jesus Crisis
03:30 – Dianne Borsenik
07:00 – Nancy
10:00 – Anna Ruiz
14:00 – T.M. Göttl
17:25 – dan smith
21:50 – J.E. Stanley
25:45 – Michael Ceraolo
26:45 – Brian Dorsey
30:55 – Robin
32:40 – Terry Provost
37:25 – Joshua Gage
39:25 – Christopher Franke
43:20 – closing remarks

I only wish I hadn’t censored myself.  I didn’t think “pissed” was permitted, so I spelled it out at the end of the first poem.  But watching the video (either on this blog or its predecessor), I noticed that Joshua used the phrase “piss off” in reference to the manager.  Ha!  Well, I’ll say it, next time!  After all, if we can have a Dick in the White House, we should at least be able to have “pissed” in a poetry reading.

Here are some of my photos from that evening:

Geri Burroughs and Dianne Borsenik

Joshua Gage

Christopher Franke

Michael Ceraolo

Anna Ruiz and Dan Smith

T.M. Göttl

J.E. Stanley

Brian Dorsey


Terry Provost

silly Jesus Crisis self portrait

* * * *

To watch Christopher Franke’s featured reading earlier that evening check out
Deep Cleveland Poetry 8/8/2008: Christopher Franke Video

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Dianne Borsenik’s Undressed will be available in the next month or so from
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