I marvel that it’s been so long (19 years, to be exact) since I bought my first compact disc.  It was 1989, on the day of my 5-year high school class reunion, that I visited my friend Michele’s house and heard CDs for the first time.  Their quality blew me away – and folks told me they were indestructible.  So as soon as payday came, I bought a CD player of my own – one of those $129 Magnavox one-disc bare bones stereo components with an LED display.  The first CD I bought was Disintegration by the Cure, which I had to have after I heard this song from it on MTV.  The disc cost me $14.99.

“Fascination Street” by the Cure:

Disintegration also featured the hits “Love Song,” “Lullaby” and “Pictures of You.”

Do you remember your first CD?  What was it?  And why?

* * *