After my sentencing in October 1993, I spent four months in the county jail before being transferred to a state prison (Lorain Correctional Institution) on 17 February 1994.  In prison, like anywhere else, some days were more “interesting” than others from a journaling perspective.  At this point, early in my “bit,” I was locked in a cell with one other guy 23 hours a day.  Because in 3-house (as our cellblock was called), we rarely got out of our “rooms” except to go to meals, this might qualify as one of my most boring journal entries.  But I think each puzzle piece, however apparently plain, is an integral part of the complex “big picture.”  So here it is, unabridged.  And rest assured, I wouldn’t be in 3-house much longer.

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Part 5 resumes my diary where we left off, at the start of my 9th day at Lorain Correctional Institution:

Fri. 25 Feb. 1994
6:45 a.m.

Last night I dreamt I was home.  Pam and I visited Mike at the county jail.  Then we drove around.  We were going to go shopping, but changed our minds and went home.  We were about to have sex when the dream ended.

*  *  *

I swear to you my love is true,
Especially when my dick’s in you.

*  *  *

7:30 a.m.

I just read more in “Living the Resurrected Life.”

*  *  *

10 a.m.

I just wrote another letter to Candrasekhara Dasa, since his letter to me was probably returned by the county jail.
    I hope I’ll be able to get enough stamped envelopes to mail all these letters out.  I know I’ll get more money on visiting day.  But I might get to go to commissary before that.  I should only have $4.58 left.  I wonder how much they charge per envelope?  Those, a pen and more paper are my highest priorities.  Everything else can wait a week or two, if need be.  I still have some state soap.

*  *  *

11 a.m.

I have finished reading “The Resurrected Life.”
    Now they are testing the fire alarms.  The noise is extremely irritating.

*  *  *

11:50 a.m.

I just wrote a short letter to Mrs. Springfield [one of my attorneys].

*  *  *

12:40 p.m.

I just read another tract my cellie had, “Tommy’s Choice” by Mina Glick.

*  *  *

12:50 p.m.

I jusr read “That’s My Place!” by Edwin Raymond Anderson.  Now I begin the March/April/May 1994 issue of Our Daily Bread.

*  *  *

3:40 p.m.

I just shaved.  The razor was dull enough to tear my face up.  It doesn’t help that I have no shaving cream.
    Other guards have let new arrivals make phone calls on their first day.  I wonder why we weren’t allowed.
    It’s snowing abundantly again.  Earlier, we had all sunshine.

*  *  *

7 p.m.

I’ve been writing to Pam and reading from Our Daily Bread.

*  *  *

9:40 p.m.

I began reading Bhagavad-gita again.  However, this time I am skipping the introduction and purports by Prabhupada [founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness].  I want to get its jist, without an ISKCON twist.

*  *  *

“A person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires … can alone achieve peace.”
(attributed to Sri Krishna, from Bhagavad-gita 2:70, translated by Prabhupada)