Last night I was privileged to attend a poetry event at the Shaker Heights Public Library (Bertram Woods branch).  The featured readers were Jillian R. Wriston, Major Ragain, and Roger Craik – the emcee was Barry Zucker – and the close to fifty attendees included Major’s mom, Jillian’s dad from Detroit, Katie Daley, Jim Lang, Bree, and Steve Goldberg.  It was humbling to be in the presence of so much poetic talent.  And several times during the evening, particularly during Roger’s reading, I felt an acute awareness that I need to focus more on my writing.  I don’t want to write like the best poets I know.  But I yearn to write as well as the best poets I know.

To the best poets (and the best other artists and thinkers) I know, some of whom were there last night and most of whom were not (if you suspect you’re one of this group, you probably are), thank you for being kind to me, for encouraging me, for stimulating my mind and inner being with your thoughts and ways of expressing them, for reading my often meager offerings when you do, and especially for being my friends.

Much obliged,

* * *