Dad is 64 years old today!  I regret that I haven’t had time to write a proper blog about anything lately – from the election to poetry to Dad’s birthday.  But since someone said a picture is worth a thousand words, I’d like to at least share four thousand words with you on this occasion.  I blogged these photos once before (see my March 2008 entry Dad: Thicker than Blood), and they remain among my favorites.  Anyway, a lot of folks who read my blog regularly now did not back then, and I suspect the few folks who’ve been in this with me for the long haul won’t mind revisiting them.  Happy birthday, Pop!  Hope it’s a good one….

Me and Dad before heading to College Heights Baptist Church – December 1971
[photo by Mom]

Dad and me with our parakeet Popeye and my transistor radio – circa 1972
[photo by Mom] 

1990 – with my step-mom Linda, Dad, and brother Mike at my LCCC graduation
[photo by Mom]

Dad and me too early in the morning (for me at least!) in October 2005
[photo by Geri]