Here are some random, unrelated short poems. 
Pick your favorite, write a response. 
Best response(s) will end up in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.

Without Ceasing

double fucked-sure
whORE ore
cheney-bushphenal A

bringing ewe
plASS-stick and other petroleum/procto-illogical products
sponsOREd by Sex-on Mobil, Bee Pee, Shitgo
and the religious reich

play pray pay

prey at the pump

* * *


Haiku is defined
As it is because men de-
Fine it as they do

* * *

Tooth Telling

I wanted badly
To bite the slight
Bulge of belly beneath
Your navel

But I feared
You might
Bite back

* * *

The Wanterror

I’m living in
Thoreau’s quiet desperation
Wondering why I
Want don’t want
Won’t daunt children

Can’t say if I’m kidding

* * *


Before I crash
Before I ash
Let me lash out
At the doubt
You demonstrate
As I masturbate with words
I’m not quite sure
Anyone has heard

* * *

And please don’t forget this Tuesday’s Lix and Kix at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar featuring Roger Craik (one of the best poets I’ve ever heard read) and Dominique Glick (a poet and one of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard).  The fun starts at 7 p.m. at 806 Literary Road in Cleveland.  Dianne Borsenik and I will be your hosts.

Roger Craik

Dominique Glick