Special thanks to featured artists Dominique Glick and Roger Craik!  [photo by Dianne Borsenik]
The 3rd Tuesday of November, Dianne Borsenik and I hosted the “second coming” of the Lix and Kix at Cleveland’s 806 Wine and Martini Bar.  The day leading up to the event was full of challenges – including distracting dramas on the homefront, weather that made travel treacherous in spots, and an eleventh hour phone call notifying us that the venue had lost its sound system.  I also had an organ malfunction (my keyboard with built-in speakers would not cooperate, and my other keyboard would be useless without a sound system).  But as Shakespeare suggested, “all’s well that ends well.”  And it all ended well indeed.

Don’t say I cut off part of Dianne’s head – just call it an art photo!

Our friend Vertigo XX of The Poet’s Haven brought his equipment all the way from Massillon to save the night with amplification (many thanks!).  And though we started out late and a little bit frazzled, the night got better and better as it progressed.  Talented singer and poet Dominique Glick treated us with Italian, German, and English numbers – a bit of everything from Puccini to Broadway and the Beatles – in addition to some of her writings.  Dianne and I sprinkled in some of our own poems (I read HermAphrodite and Karma Souptra live for the first time, and was pleased by the audience’s enthusiastic response).  Then Roger Craik (associate professor at Kent State University, Ashtabula, and a 2007 Fulbright scholar in Bulgaria) shared some of his newest work – and was every bit as impressive as he was when I saw him in Shaker Heights earlier this month.  Though I admit to engaging in a bit of hyperbole sometimes in these blogs, I was not exaggerating a bit when I introduced Roger as one of my favorite poets not only in the Cleveland area, but anywhere.

Dominique‘s performance of Schumann’s fish song was a highlight  [photo by Dianne]

The “best of” Marvin Gaye inspired one of Roger Craik‘s many excellent poems  [photo by JC]

Jen Pezzo again helped make our Lix and Kix open mic memorable  [photo by JC]

Vertigo XX saved us with his PA system, then entertained us with his comic routine  [photo by JC]

Danilee Eichhorn shared her poetic and storytelling magic at the open mic  [photo by JC]

Geri and Dianne got their Lix and Kix at the 806  [photo by JC]

And I paid tribute to Cleveland poet d.a. levy, who died 40 years ago this month  [photo by Dianne]
Despite bad weather, this month’s Lix and Kix crowd was twice as large as last month’s. It included December Lix and Kix featured poet Miles Budimir, February 2009 feature Steve Goldberg, Wordplay radio host George Bilgere, executive director of The Lit Judith Mansour-Thomas, and lot of perhaps lesser known family, friends, and artists who are every bit as important as those I’ve named. 

Roger Craik has been kind enough to grant me permission to include some of his fine writing in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library, and the first selection I’ve posted there is Poem for Him (click the title to read it).   This poem comes from Roger’s 2007 vanZeno Press collection Those Years, which I highly recommend (you can purchase it from Amazon by clicking here).

Lix and Kix at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar (located at 806 Literary Road in Cleveland’s Tremont district) takes place the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.  Come December 16th 2008 to hear two fine featured poets – Cleveland’s own Miles Budimir and Holy Toledo’s John Dorsey – along with special musical guest Leah.  And don’t forget that the 806 Wine and Martini Bar serves what folks are calling the best drinks in Cleveland.  We hope to see you there!