“…come and go / Talking of Michelangelo.”
-T.S. Eliot

You may recall that
Dianne Borsenik used an image of Michelangelo’s famous 16th century David sculpture in the poster she designed for our Lix and Kix Anti-Censorship Poetry Extravaganza in October.  I am saddened to inform you that MySpace has deemed that poster offensive, deleted it from our profile and sent us the following warning:

Subject: We had to delete one of your photos

We had to remove an image (or images) from your account because they violated our Terms of Use. Our site is for people as young as 13, so we can’t have certain kinds of pics (nude/sexually explicit, violence, material protected by copyright). Find out more about content we don’t allow at www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=misc.terms. If you continue to violate our Terms, we may be forced to remove your account.

If you find an image which you feel is in violation of our Terms, please feel free to use the ‘report image’ link below the image.

Thanks for your understanding.

MySpace Safety & Security

I could see if this was a pornographic image or something truly offensive – but Michelangelo’s David!?!?!  And in the 21st Century?  Let’s look at the terms of service we allegedly violated.  David is not violent, not protected by copyright, has nothing to do with sex and, arguably, isn’t even nude.  I mean, can stone be nude, regardless of shape?  And if it can, then isn’t all stone nude?  The rocks in my garden out back aren’t wearing clothes.  Neither is the Washington Monument.  It seems to me that only flesh can be technically nude.  A zucchini isn’t considered nude is it?  What if it happens to come in the shape of a penis?  And how does MySpace define nude, anyway?  Wearing no clothes?  And in that case, would a photo of me wearing clothes but with my flaccid whatzit hanging out urinating be a violation of their terms of service?  What about a photo of a dog urinating?  On one of my MySpace profiles I have a photo of a dog peeing on a Bush-Cheney yard sign – and it hasn’t been deleted.  Is a real dog dingaling less offensive than a fake man’s marble member?

In the world of MySpace, owned by News Corporation (who also owns Fox television networks), Michelangelo’s masterpiece, which has for centuries been displayed publicly (not to be confused with pubicly) is deemed worthy of deletion.  Dog dick and Dick Cheney are not.  Never mind that in the very Bible the religious reich holds high as a standard for morality God Himself created nude sculptures (then breathed life into them and called them Adam and Eve).  Never mind that in Genesis God called everything he created (including, presumably, his own nude creations, one of which featured a penis) good.

If you haven’t yet seen the “offending” item (or if you simply want to see it again), here it is one more time:

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Piece out!

Er, I mean Peace out!