Mom’s home from the hospital – severe bronchitis and a fractured back aren’t a good combination.

Geri’s back from the oral surgeon and sleeping it off.  Wisdom teeth growing in sideways aren’t fun either.

On Wednesday my favorite Australian poet, Dorothy Porter, lost her battle with breast cancer.  I added a video of her performing “Hot Date” (a poem about Death) to the Online Library:

I also added a video of late Cleveland poetry legend Daniel Thompson performing his poem “Dear Enemy” with percussionist Sam Phillips:

Later today, I will be posting a video I made of Toledo poet John Dorsey reading his “The Muse Lottery” at Joe Sundae’s in Sandusky.  Consider it a sneak preview – as he will be one of our features at this Tuesday’s Lix and Kix at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar in Cleveland (our other features will be poet Miles Budimir and songwriter Leah Collova).  More short one-or-two poem videos will be coming soon to the Online Library.

Blog recommendation for today: Ohio poet Kevin Eberhardt’s at

And just what I need – another social networking site!  This one looks cool and is designed for writers – but it’s rather new and only has about 100 members so far. Even if I don’t use it much, I’ll leave my profile up as a signpost to Crisis Chronicles:

Now I’m off to do some serious meditation….