My mom Ginny around Christmas 2006
Mom’s one tough lady.  She’s got fractured vertabrae in her back, but refuses to let them keep her from running around doing things she deems important.  Yesterday she spent hours Christmas shopping.  Today, she wanted to get a ham for the holidays, among other things.  So she was out in her Explorer (good thing she has a big, sturdy vehicle) when some lady in a van ran out in front of her.  It wasn’t a huge accident – could have been a lot worse, anyway.  But it wasn’t just a fender bender either – and with a “broke” back, even what would otherwise be a relatively minor trauma can be extremely dangerous (she’s under doctor’s orders not to even lift a gallon of milk).  First she tried to claim she’s “okay” (she never wants anyone to worry about her), but now she admits her back pain has intensified (it’s hard for her to even breathe) – and she’s back in the hospital getting checked out (where she was twice last week, before the accident).  Of course she still refuses to take pain medication – especially in the wake of her recent hospitalization for an allergic reaction to antibiotics.  But then again, like I said, she’s a tough lady.

Please keep her in your thoughts this evening – and if you believe in any “cosmic” aids like prayer or vibrations, please keep her in those as well.  When it comes to Mom, we gotta cover all the angles.

Since she has a great sense of humor, I think Mom’ll appreciate my blog title.  At least I hope so.

Love you, Mama!

[UPDATE:  The hospital released Mom before midnight!]