Last night I returned from the Westlake Porter Public Library with three films I was looking forward to watching.  I thought the first, Sylvia (starring Gwyneth Paltrow as the poet Sylvia Plath), was quite good – and despite remembering ten minutes into it that I’d already seen it in prison (as well as my general disdain for re-watching movies), I was sad to see it end as soon as it did, much like Sylvia’s real life.

Second was The Brothers Karamazov (starring Yul Brynner and Claire Bloom).  But unfortunately, the library only had it on VHS and this tape was warped and unwatchable.  Too bad – because the Dostoevsky book it was based on is probably my favorite novel of all time.

Third was Performance (starring Mick Jagger), a film I’ve been eager to watch in its entirety since being intrigued by the song (and video for) “Memo from Turner,” which came from it.  I was digging the movie until Geri made clear that she could not endure another moment.  So I turned it off and will probably watch the rest of it when she’s not around.  Here for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, as the case may be) is the “Memo from Turner” video I mentioned:

Watching movies is a rare occurrence for me anymore – most of what I do watch is music related.  On that theme, I highly recommend a DVD set Mom got me Christmas, Bob Dylan Don’t Look Back: 65 Tour Deluxe Edition.  Not only is Don’t Look Back one of the best rockumentaries (for lack of a better word) ever – this set includes a bonus DVD with some priceless previously unseen footage from director D.A. Pennebaker’s archives, along with a couple of books, some movie still postcards and the coolest packaging I’ve yet to see in a DVD set.  Here’s a photo of me at Mom’s on Christmas:

20081223thru25Christmas115.jpg picture by insightoutside

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