I created www.crisischronicles.com the week after Christmas in 2007 and it went online on New Year’s Eve.  That makes today the first anniversary of this website – and I’m amazed how things have changed and evolved since then, not only online but in my non-cyber life and in the world at-large.  I want to write more tomorrow, if time and inspiration allow.  But for now I will give you links to the very first two blogs I posted here, along with a video of one of my favorite songs ever.

Re-reading these early blogs, I find them quite interesting.  Perhaps you will, too.

Humble Beginnings of my Blogging Career (31 December 2007)
Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Heaven (1 January 2008)

This song gave me chill bumps the first time I heard it – not long before prison.  Still does….

“November Rain” by Guns ‘N Roses:


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