First a quick note: I’ve been trying to post at least one new item per day in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.  But that’s about to change.  Now I’m gonna try posting TWO new items in the Library each day – one by a dead writer and one by a live one.  Today’s inaugural edition of the quick and the dead features Stations of the Lost – for Lenny Bruce (by Steven B. Smith) and A Man to a Woman (by William Carlos Williams).  Smith (undead) is an underground poet/artist/legend from Cleveland, currently living in Mexico.  He and his poet/artist wife Kathy Ireland Smith are moving back to the States soon and will be our Lix and Kix featured readers on 19 May 2009 at Tremont’s 806 Wine and Martini Bar.  Williams (dead) is a Pulitzer Prize winner who shares a September 17th birthday with me.  He, too, will be at May’s Lix and Kix, albeit only in spirit.  Follow future Library postings at http://library/

MacsBacksReading007-3-1.jpg picture by insightoutside
Steven B. Smith at Mac’s Backs in Cleveland, July 2008
photo/art by Jesus Crisis

Now to the OTHER Crisis Library, the one in a spare bedroom at my house….  What a mess it is!  In September, with the room bursting at its seams, I was packing things up for a possible move to our large basement, where I was thinking about holding poetry readings.  When Geri’s daughter and four of our grandchildren unexpectedly moved in with us, our basement became a storage unit for much of their furniture and my old upstairs spare room library became my half-unbaked treehouse hideaway of sorts.  Now, after three months of me practically living in that tight space (with thousands of books), our houseguests have pretty much moved out and I’m thinking about the roomier basement again – but whether I move the library or not, I abhor chaos and am determined to start tidying it up today.  I felt compelled, however, to document the disarray in photographs before doing anything else.  Here is a random selection of shots:

Buddha in war corner

Time magazine open to a Mandela article

Leda wants Dog-umented

The other Tao of Jesus Crisis?

Om sweet Om

Dreams of my Father

The red, the read, and the ready for tidying up

This dragon’s no drag on its bookcase

Love is in the Bear

Lucky loves the library

Chaos Corner

What would Jesus read?

What’s an Indian doing in the H’s?

Self portrait in the library

At least the living room bookshelves downstairs aren’t a total mess