[I posted this today on the ClevelandPoetics Yahoo list serve – and am reproducing it with slight modification for folks who might check here and not there.]

What better way to celebrate inauguration day (or any day, for that matter) than with poetry?  Tonight at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar in Tremont, Lix and Kix are proud to present poet/playwright Elise Geither and poet C. Allen Rearick as our featured readers/performers.  Dianne Borsenik and I will be your hosts.  And the 806 is renowned for having some of the finest drinks in Ohio.  We will try to begin promptly at 7 p.m. 
Elise Geither’s plays have been produced in NYC, Los Angeles and around California and Ohio.  Her poems have appeared in a number of journals/zines, including Morpo, Big City Lit, Thunder Sandwich, Slant, and the Artful Dodge.  She’s an instructor at Baldwin-Wallace College and working on her PhD.  She’s also authored the must-read Horse Latitudes: Poetic Monologues for Women (deep cleveland press). 
C. Allen Rearick is an organizer of the recent Zygote in My City readings and upcoming As We Speak poetry event. He has read his work in countless places from New York to Missouri, and it has appeared in such online and print journals as: Remark, Zygote In My Coffee, Identity Theory, Mad Hatters’ Review, Poesy, Opium, Dogmatika and much more. His must-read chapbook, Through These Eyes, is available from Tainted Coffee Press.

I hear tell folks are coming all the way from Toledo and Detroit for tonight’s Lix and Kix.  Even President Obama is having poetry read at his inauguration today.  But if you can’t be in DC for history, at least you can be at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar for some excellent Cleveland poetry – 7 p.m. at 806 Literary Road in the Tremont neighborhood.

John Burroughs
aka Jesus Crisis