Just before I walked out the door for Lix and Kix IV

If you missed our fourth Lix and Kix at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar in Cleveland on Tuesday January 20th (Inauguration Day), no blog in the world is gonna give you an adequate idea of how cool it was.  And I’m not just saying that because I was the event’s co-host (along with Dianne Borsenik).  Good people, great poetry and a fantastic amount of fun….  I give hearty thanks to our excellent featured readers, C. Allen Rearick and Elise Geither.  I can’t praise them enough!  They’re not only great artists, but also fine folks.  Thanks, too, to the other awesome friends and poets who came and showed their support (some drove over two hours to be there).  Thanks to the new friends I met in person for the first time.  Thanks to the fantastic open mic readers/performers – among them some super Lix and Kix virgins.  And though I admit a bit of bias (I try to see through it), I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable nights of poetry I’ve ever experienced.  I feel honored to have been a part of it.

Often, however, the photos tell a better story than any words I can muster.  So without further ado….

Poet and playwright Elise Geither was on fire

Poet C. Allen Rearick was smokin’ (never mind the no-smoking sign on the left)

Robbie and Jamie thoroughly enjoyed their first-ever poetry reading

Christina Brooks showed Ohio Staters that the blue state up north can rock too

Alex Nielsen and Steve Goldberg shared a special Toledo-Cleveland connection

December featured poet John Dorsey came back from Toledo for a second helping

So did December feature Miles Budimir  [photo by Jen Pezzo]
with Jesus in the mirror and Slavic soul sister Gina Tabasso

November feature Dominique Glick was back as well

Along with my wife Geri Lynne

New friend Ella Shurr

Suzanne Savickas of Le-Pink Elephant Press

MoonLit ‘s Claire McMahon

Maria Belmonte

Allisun Hovater

Alex Nielsen

Vertigo Xi’an Xavier of The Poet’s Haven

Jen Pezzo – Kerowyn Rose

March featured poet Gina Tabasso, author of the forthcoming Front Lines, gave us a sneak preview

Miles Budimir, Jean Brandt, Dianne Borsenik, and (in the shadows) Vertigo XX

the legendary Christopher Franke

Singer Jodi Dobos channeled Joni Mitchell beautifully

Brigitte Belmonte-Jarc, an open mic virgin

Dominique Glick and Dianne Borsenik

Featured poet and playwright Elise Geither

Featured poet C. Allen Rearick

I highly recommend Elise Geither’s Horse Latitudes: Poetic Monologues for Women (from deep cleveland press) and C. Allen Rearick’s collection Through These Eyes (from Tainted Coffee Press).  I’m very happy they agreed to be featured readers for Lix and Kix IV.  Both were very good!  But If you missed ’em you can see C. Allen Rearick (and several other fine poets, including Dianne Borsenik) at the March 14th As We Speak event he’s organized.  For more information on plays and readings by Elise Geither, contact her at egeither@bw.edu.  For more on the poetic doings of C.Allen Rearick, contact him at www.myspace.com/c_allen.

Future Lix and Kix features you won’t want to miss include:

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See us every third Tuesday (7 p.m.) at the 806 Wine & Martini Bar, 806 Literary Rd. in Tremont (the artistic heart of Cleveland).

P.S.  Since someone’s sure to ask what I read… I performed three songs: Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush,” my “The Picture of Dorian Blue” (from a 2000 Christmas musical I wrote/produced behind bars), and John Lennon’s “Imagine” (good songs, I hope, for the day Barack Obama became President of the United States – since I couldn’t learn David Bowie’s “Changes” in time).  I also followed my new “tradition” of reading three poems: one of my own, one by a favorite dead poet, and one by a favorite living poet.  For mine I chose Karma Souptra, since that’s one I didn’t read during my feature at Mac’s Backs earlier this month.  I also read Sitting Outside by W.D. Snodgrass, who died earlier this month, and an untitled poem about Johnny Depp and Jesus from Alex Gildzen‘s excellent Outlaw Dreams collection [Green Panda Press, 2008].  Alex has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for many years now, but will be returning to the Cleveland area in May for the Tres Versing the Panda poetry and music festival.

See you next month at Lix and Kix!  Thank you all!
Peace and poetry,