First the coming:

March 10th at 9 p.m. in Toledo, Ohio  – Dianne Borsenik and I will be featured readers for the Collingwood Poetry Series, hosted by poets Michael Grover and John Dorsey every Tuesday at the Collingwood Arts Center (2413 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo).  You might also want to check out Collingwood on February 10th when C. Allen Rearick (of Cleveland) and Dan Provost (of Worcester, MA) will be the featured poets.

May 8th thru 10th in Cleveland, Ohio – Tres Versing the Panda: 3 Days of Poetry Soiree will be happening at The Lit, Mac’s Backs, the Barking Spider, the Coventry Village Library and (weather permitting) outside at Daniel Thompson’s plaque on Daniel’s Way in downtown.  A tentative list of poets/musicians includes T.M. Göttl, Ray McNiece, Phil Metres, Jim Lang, Maj Ragain, Adam Brodsky, Ben Gulyas, Kisha Foster, Wendy Shaffer, Russ Vidrick, Jesus Crisis, Alex Gildzen (an Elyria native, now in NM), Hugh Fox (MI), Angela Jaeger (NY), George Wallace (NYC), Wesley Eisold (MA), Eric Paul (RI), Charles Potts (WA), Jeremy Gaulke (WA), Valerie Webber (MA), Travis Catsull & Dirk Michener (TX), Adam Perry (CO/Naropa), and more.  Stay tuned to for the latest.

Next the Not-Gone:

You mighta thought it was gone, but remember my blog about almost not making it to see (and film) T.M. Göttl’s reading in Sandusky on 3 August 2008?  That was really the first poetry video I made.  Well, I also filmed the open mic that day, but only recently have I been able to dig that video out of the cyber snow, so to speak, and post a few excerpts from it on the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.  Finally, today, I present the entire open mic video for your viewing pleasure.  Remember I was late getting to the venue and didn’t have a chance to properly set up, so some of the video is dark and hard to hear because of where I had to sit.  But much of it turned out pretty darned well.  It features readings/performances by Rob Smith, Zachary Moll, Michael Waldecki, Jesus Crisis, Dianne Borsenik, Michael Grover, John Dorsey, Jack Vanek, RuthAnn Brooker, two Helens, Larry Smith, Ben Rader, Dan Murphy, and emcee Jim Hayes.

I don’t have links for all the poets yet (thus some are underlined and some are not).  When I do, I’ll come back and add them.

Finally, you’re probably wondering “What about the SNO in snoetry?”  Well, if you’re in northeast Ohio this morning, you know already.  Here are a few photos from around my house about two hours ago.  It’s been falling steadily since, and things look snowier still already.  But these will give you an idea.

Lady investigates the back yard kennel (Lucky and Leda were not interested)

Snow usually never gets this far underneath the back patio

Cleveland Street does not look nearly as big and busy as usual

My car at the bottom of the driveway