Had a fantastic day of poetry and supper with friends yesterday… but I’ll wait ’til tomorrow to tell you about it.  I haven’t had a chance to work on the video yet.  Plus, Geri will be home soon and I still have to make lentil soup.  I also must confess that some of my time and mind got sidetracked (though I’m not complaining!) by a surprise gift from someone whose “name” begins with M and ends with m.  If you read yesterday’s blog (or even if you didn’t), you can figure out the missing letter, which also appears in the acronym OMG (which describes my reaction when I saw it).  A new camera!  And it’s even better than the old one.  Muchas gracias!

From my first batch of photos with it:

Lady Persephone Crisis

Lord Lucky “Strike” Crisis

Leda Hannah Crisis

Old Faithful — may she rest in peace.