First, Kevin Eberhardt was kind enough to publish a new poem of mine on his Rounding of the Stone site, which is one of my favorite poetry blogs.  Thank you, KE!  Folks can read my “CRYst” here:

Second, you may recall that my “Tooth Telling was one of 46 finalists in a recent Writer’s Digest poetry contest.  I didn’t win first prize, but they did publish my poem today.  The Red Heart :: Black Heart collection that includes “Tooth Telling” is available as a free PDF download.  Check it out here:

Peace and Poetry,

[Added note:]  After I originally posted this blog, I learned that my work was actually published three places today.  Third is Green Panda Press’ Crater Cleveland Erie: a Poets’ Indirectory vol.1 .09, which includes some of my photos.  It’s not totally free – but it only costs two dollars, which is mighty close.  For more info, see here: