This is my first grade class (1972-1973) at the now defunct Eastgate Elementary School in Elyria, Ohio.  If anyone can fill in the names I can’t remember (or make spelling corrections), I’ll be grateful.  “DR” stands for “Don’t Remember.”

Top row: Jeannie Brooks, Glenn Martell, Kevin Salisbury, DR, Peter Hempfling, Candy Burns, Michele Riggins, Mrs. Hanson

2nd row from top:  Jimmy Sampson, Janice Orndorff, DR, Gary Joppeck, Michael Greer, DR, DR.

2nd row from bottom: DR, Samantha Wilson, Terri Kistner, John Burroughs, DR, Heidi Heginbotham, Tammy Carr, Debra Silver

Bottom row: DR, DR, Sam Cerra

I think I know the names of a few of the DRs – or have some of them narrowed down to two people they could be.