I’m happy to report that my poem “Think You Very Much” will be published this year in the “Generation X” anthology In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, Volume 8 by MW Enterprises.  I’ll (of course) let you know when it’s available.

I’m also happy to report that three poems of mine, along with three correlative poems by Dianne Borsenik, will be appearing in the July issue of Admit2, an esteemed online journal of collaborative writing.

Speaking of Dianne… Crisis Chronicles Press is publishing her long-awaited chapbook HardDrive/SoftWear this month.  In the works since last fall, copies will finally be available in time for her and my joint featured reading at the Collingwood Arts Center tomorrow (Tuesday).  The reading will be hosted by John Dorsey and Michael Grover, and the address is 2413 Collingwood Blvd. in Toledo, Ohio.  Also on display tomorrow will be my sometimes big mouth.

[Poster by Dianne]

On Tuesday 17 March (St. Patrick’s Day), Dianne and I will also be hosting Lix and Kix 6 at a new location, the Bela Dubby Art Gallery and Beer Cafe at 13321 Madison Ave. in Lakewood Ohio.  Two of my favorite poets will be featured.  One is Gina Tabasso, author of From Between My LegsDisrobing, and the soon-to-be-released Front Lines.  The other is T.M. Göttl, author of Stretching the Window, who will be accompanied musically by the incomparable Zach.  

[Poster by Dianne]

On Friday 20 March at The Lit (from 7 to 10 pm),  I will be participating in the Come Together: Imagine Peace reading/fundraiser for PEACE SHOW 2009.  This event will feature words and music by Bree, Alice Cone, Michael Fiala, Stephen Haven, Jennifer Karmin, Jack McGuane, Ray McNiece, Philip Metres, Robert Miltner, Michael Salinger, Leonard Shelton, Ann Smith, Larry Smith, Andrew Summerson, Mary Weems and others (I’ll be sharing a poem, too!).  Come Together: Imagine Peace is also a fine new anthology of peace poetry published by Bottom Dog Press and edited by Ann Smith, Larry Smith, and Philip Metres.  You can buy it here:


We hope to see you at all of the above!
Peace and poetry,