In February and March we celebrated 3 grandchildren’s birthdays and took hundreds of photos.  I’ve finally uploaded most of these photos to MySpace.  Why MySpace?  It’s easier to upload three hundred or so at a time on MySpace than here, more of my family members are on MySpace than Facebook, and Facebook limits me to 60 photos per folder.

Here’s a link to my MySpace photos, if you want to see all of them:

Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorites from Dorian’s 4th birthday party on 31 March:

Jada and I act silly  [photo by Geri]

Dorian waits patiently for his mom and grandma to light the candles [photo by me]

Pay no attention to Cevon’s t-shirt  [photo by me]

Marcus approves of the blue frosting  [photo by me]

Peace and poetry,