I did what I did and I knew what I knew
And it all came to nothing
Maybe if I did what I knew and knew what I did
It would have come to something
But then again maybe I
Both knew and did
Long before I was young
And it still came to nothing

What’s new

Someone with no clue how to fix his or her life
Told me how to fix mine
Gave me some books or records they thought
Divine sublime or something of the sort
And whether I took their advice or not
It all came to naught
Like when I 
Played wreckereds or gave books
To other folks
Who thought
They were nothing

They just folking stared
Maybe the extra are
In scarred or out

Our scared

Though I could not tell front from behind
The pearls from swine
Before I knew what it meant to kneel
I gave my advice a swell
I gave ad
I gave vice
I gave sugar and spice
Naughty and nice
Head to the shoo
And it all came to something resembling little 
More than anything at all
But me and you

Who am I fooling
No matter how many worlds of words I put it into
It still comes to nothing

I traded in my bicycle for care
My care for a car
My car for another car
My other better car for the same old bicycle
And this endless cycle for more care
But it all came to nothing

I read books and did chores
Distinguished between bores
And boars and boors
But could never extinguish 
Wars and worse

And though I tried to rush her
All I did was hush her
Perhaps even crush her but
I could never crush hearses
And they still came
To nothing

I wrote and I wrote
And I typed and I typed
I wrote about this type or that
I typed about this rote or that
Rotor this
Wrote her that
And it all turned to piss
Or even less
Till no one in particular hit the flusher
And it all went to shit

But in spite of it I wrote on
Rode on
Right on
Rye dawn
Rite yawn

It all grew tired
Beautifully turned dutifully
And mutually undesired
Until untied began to end up
Reminding me of united
Except out of order and unrequited

In other words
It all came to nothing

When I found myself just pulling the levers
Trying to be clever
Dying to be better
And better at dying
I wondered what’s the use trying
It’s all coming to nothing anyway

Why not shut the fuck up and let it
And try to forget it

I drove tanks into banks
And I drank and I drank
And I sank and I stank
And it all came to nothing

I sat sober two decades
Even then I decayed
And grew more and more dismayed
As it all fell apart
And even my heart and hard
Drive came to nothing

So I finally gave up
Figured screw the indoors
I’d make love to the outdoors
Fuck the chores
Maybe have a sun
Who unlike me could successfully run
From everything that comes to nothing
Including myself
And this cold old earth

If I had to succumb 
I’d at least go out feeling
Enlightened and warm
At least go out feeling like something
Hotter than cold
More young than old

So the sun starts to blaze and
Coming out of yore
And my haze I no longer wish
To earn and yearn
My way to a wormy grave

Fuck being grounded
Give me an urn

Kneel young is right
It’s better to burn

                    – Jesus Crisis 4/29/2009

                            (nodding to kneel young)