We’re having houseguests this afternoon through tomorrow evening, so I don’t know how much I’ll be online.  But I want to share a few brief items first.  As some of you might know, my hard drive irreparably crashed the other day, losing thousands of CDs worth of music, hundreds of hours of video, and 5 years of photos.  I still don’t really feel like talking about it.  Fortunately, however, I still had a considerable number of photos/videos on my cameras.  Yesterday I uploaded to my Facebook account photos from three very cool poetry events we attended recently: the Pumpkin Hollow reading in Bellville on 3 April, the Come Together: Imagine Peace benefit in Cleveland on 20 March, and the Feed the Gays CSU scholarship benefit on 4 April.  Before the crash, I also uploaded 60 photos from the fabulous Lix and Kix 6 (featuring Gina, T.M., and Zach) on 17 March in Lakewood.  I still want to write blogs about each of these events, though I’m dreadfully behind.  But for now I at least wanted to get some photos online because the folks who are in them have waited long enough.

I’m also behind on Fuck Poetry, the new periodical coming out from Crisis Chronicles Press – and my hard drive issue complicated matters, though I happily discovered I still had copies of everyone’s submissions buried in my email.  Submissions are closed for issue one – the 31 contributors sent some very cool, very impressive work and I’m very excited about it.  I could have rushed the issue out, but I want to do the contributions justice, so I’ve moved the anticipated release date up to May 31st – and I’m feeling quite firm about it.  Monday I will finish responding to everyone who has submitted and not yet received a reply from me.  Thanks for your patience!  And feel free to submit work for issue 2 starting now at jc@crisischronicles.com

Today marked my 500th addition to the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.  It’s The Dead, from James Joyce’s Dubliners and regarded by many as the greatest story ever written in the English language.  I hope to double that number and have at least 1,000 works online by the end of this year.  I’m also excited to report that this week the number of Online Library subscribers has climbed over 600.  Remember this number was in the 200s at the beginning of 2009, so we’ve grown quite a bit.  I find it extremely rewarding and encouraging to know more folks are visiting and reading.

More ASAP….
Peace and poetry,