First:  The Cleveland Poetics blog has added several new regular contributors, and I’m privileged to be one of them.  My first post there was rather short, just a way for me to dip my toes in the waters, so to speak.  Be on the lookout for when I dive in at

Second:  My poem I Hear Change has been selected for publication in the 2009 Hessler Street Fair Anthology.  I feel incredibly honored and happy to be included with so many fine poets from this region.  Here’s a message Joshua Gage posted on the Cleveland Poetics Yahoo list serve about it:

The Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology is on it’s way!

The reading for this year’s contest will be held on the evening of Wednesday, May 13 – 7pm at Mac’s Backs Paperbacks.  [Please see comments below for updated time and place.]  About 20 minutes after all poets have read, the winners will be announced and prizes will be handed out.

The Table of Contents for the anthology, and the line up for Wednesday night’s reading is as follows:

“A Letter To The Teacher” by Jay Berkowitz
“Each Stroke a Promise” by Dianne Borsenik
“Asphalt Miles” by Christina M. Brooks
“Weeds” by Miles Budimir
“I Hear Change” by John Burroughs
“Life’s too Short to Live in Ohio” by Katie Cutshaw
“As Many Churches” by Michael Fiala
“Life Lived” by Lawrence Forbes
“g spot” by Ken Goodman
“Music Box” by T. M. Gottl
For the Love of Bly” by Clarissa Jakobsons
Untitled by Katie M. Jones
“Beyond the Horizon” by Jeff Kosiba
“The Waiting is the Hardest Part” by Bridget Kriner
Five pounds of sunlight” by Geoffrey A. Landis
“Death For Breakfast” by Jack McGuane
“The Sleeping Town” by Jill Riga
“My Isolated Groove” by J. Michael Simpson
“Grace” by Dan Smith
“Regarding the Armenian Genocide of 1915″ by Wanda Sobieska
“Autonomic” by J. E. Stanley
“Blue Man” by Steve Thomas
“The Last Poem” by Steve Traina
“Flowers over Steel” by Mary Turzillo
“A Ripple In The Universe” by Vladimir Swirynsky
Kentucky Derby Memoir” by Loren Weiss
“Lost Girl” by Estella Wicks
“bad day for bar-flies” by Jason Floyd Williams

Congratulations and good luck to all the above poets!  For more information about the famous Hessler Street Fair, see