Lady and Smith
Lady and Smith outside the Brandt Gallery in Cleveland in July 2008
[photo by Jesus Crisis – with Visible Voice Books in the background]

We’ve had some awesome Lix and Kix events, as anyone who’s attended can attest – and tomorrow we’re about to have another.  I always look forward to these events, but in some ways this is the month I’ve been most excited about for some time.  Smith and Lady, our featured poets, are two people who’ve played an enormous role in my getting involved in the Cleveland poetry scene.  They’re the first folks to ever invite me to a poetry reading (though at the time I declined).  Their lives convinced me that poetry is meant to be lived as much as written – and they’ve lived it as much as anyone I know.  Lady is the founder and editor of the cutting edge art/lit zine The City Poetry.  Smith for many years published the legendary ArtCrimes journal and is the creative force behind, which according to at least one authority is the largest poetry and art website anywhere.  Not only are they two of the best poets I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – they are two of the best photographers, editors and artists as well.  Together Smith and Lady have chronicled their creative endeavors and myriad journeys across the world and through the inner depths of their souls at what has become one of my favorite blogs:  They’ve also written a compelling memoir of Smith’s life entitled Criminal – and are currently looking for a publisher.  I’ve read a proof copy and think it’s as good as (I daresay even better than) anything Kerouac wrote (And I’m a fan of Kerouac).

When we started Lix and Kix, we dreamt of having Smith and Lady feature, but never imagined it would happen, since at the time they were living in Oaxaca, Mexico, and had no plans to return to the United States.  But they’ve now returned home, and Lix and Kix are privileged to host their first featured reading back in Cleveland – at Visible Voice Books on Kenilworth (in the Tremont neighborhood) at 7 pm on Tuesday 19 May 2009.  Please come check ’em out!

Weather permitting, we’ll hold the reading outside in Visible Voice’s courtyard.  Don’t forget the bookstore has a wine bar – I hear their wines are every bit as good as those at our old venue down the street, but cost half as much.  Here’s a poster my co-host Dianne Borsenik designed for this special event:

The Crisis Chronicles Online Library is proud to feature works by
Steven B. Smith and Kathy Ireland Smith, a.k.a. Smith and Lady: